[Dolphin] grails looking for open-dolphin demo jar files on grailsCentral

Dierk König Dierk König
Tue, 28 Apr 2015 23:11:59 +0200

Hi Dave,

while under development, the server part refers to the latest dolphin snapshot and
this is looked up in maven local - but only if it is installed there.
You can do
	gradle install
to do that.
Grails central is only the fallback - and the snapshot is not deployed there.
Therefore the error message.


> Am 28.04.2015 um 23:00 schrieb Dave Kriewall <davekriewall@gmail.com>:
> Following the steps on https://github.com/canoo/open-dolphin under =
Server integration:
> - obtain source for 
> - "gradlew build" completes successfully.
> - "grails run-app" fails with:
> | Error Resolve error obtaining dependencies: The following artifacts =
could not be resolved: 
> org.open-dolphin:dolphin-shared:jar:0.12-SNAPSHOT, 
> org.open-dolphin:dolphin-server:jar:0.12-SNAPSHOT, 
> org.open-dolphin:dolphin-demo-javafx-server:jar:0.12-SNAPSHOT, 
> org.open-dolphin:dolphin-demo-javafx-shared:jar:0.12-SNAPSHOT:
>  Could not find artifact =
org.open-dolphin:dolphin-shared:jar:0.12-SNAPSHOT in grailsCentral (https://repo.grails.org/grails/plugins)
> Using Grails version 2.5.0, Gradle 2.3, JVM 1.7.0_79, Groovy 2.3.9.
> The required jar files were built and are present in various locations =
under the subprojects directory.  Why aren't these on the classpath or dependency path?