[Webtest] website

Dierk König Dierk.Koenig@canoo.com
Mon, 18 Feb 2002 19:36:45 +0100


I changed some styles in order to make the website complete and
- Cruise Control is now in WebTest style
- Build Structure Infos are in WebTest style
- Selftest Reporting as well

If you find any errors on the site, please report them.

For the technically inclined:

I made (too?) extensive use of the XSL inheritance feature, so that a common
style can be shared for static pages and those that change with every build
(CruiseControl, BuildStructure, Reporting).

I ran into problems with external entities. It seems that external entities
cannot again contain other ones. Please feel free to improve the solution
that I applied: having one style collecting the entities (e.g. splitting
selfTest.xml) and including the rest (e.g. selfTestImpl.xml).