[Webtest] Forms and image buttons

Carsten Seibert seibert@acm.org
Thu, 28 Feb 2002 18:26:22 +0100

Hello Marcus

there is currently a limitation with image buttons but that concerns the
setting of the click location (e.g. button.x=4) and it should be fixed soon

Besides that, "clicking" a image button works for me. Maybe if you could
provide a sample HTML page and a description of what kind of tests you
intend to do, I could be more helpful.

The cruise control on the website consists of a build script that executes
junit and functional test (WebTest is of course testing itself ;-)) after a
successful compilation.

What you see as build info is a HTML page prepared by a XSLT from the cruise
control build results and additional information like JUnit test results and
the WebTest results itself.


Carsten Seibert
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Hi. We started looking at webtest today and it seems that we can't
access forms, nor image buttons, is that right?

Apart from that it looks really nice.

On a sidebar we really liked the style of your cruisecontrol page. How
is that implemented, the bars and two different test suites showing up?

Regards /Marcus
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