[Webtest] RE: WebTest Question

Dierk König Dierk.Koenig@canoo.com
Tue, 5 Mar 2002 21:37:27 +0100


> Please forgive me if this is the wrong place to ask questions 
> about WebTest.
> I could not find anywhere else to go.

Nothing to forgive. 
You are encouraged to send any feedback to the mailinglist at

> I spent some time playing with it and really like it.  I have a 
> problem with
> the selftest though.  The script is looking for a file named:
> WhitePaperStyle.xsl  but it is not in any of your downloads.  Can 
> you please
> tell me where I can find this file?

You are right. It is not in the normal distribution, but only 
in the cvs repository. That is, because the main purpose of the 
selftest is to support the webtest authors and contributors that
use the repository anyway.

I consider putting the file in the doc.zip.

However, the selftest is fully functional without it. The file
is only needed for building the distribution website. BTW: Do you have
the latest Version? I guess we have already removed it from the