[Webtest] Enhancements to WebTest

Dierk König Dierk.Koenig@canoo.com
Tue, 5 Mar 2002 22:07:34 +0100

Hi Stephen,

thank you very much for your contribution.

Before going into detail, I would like mention our "contribution rules"
that I haven't published yet.

1) We strive very hard for testing every logic with a unit test.
Please do so as well.

2) Looking into the selftest.xml, you see that we report _every_ possible
usage here. This is not only a selftest. It is also a point of reference.
Please keep this file up to date.

3) We try our best to provide comprehensive and up-to-date documentation.
It's all in the repository. Please add your contribution.

4) Don't forget how the new feature is to be reported. Update the

Thanks a lot. I will have a closer look at it.
Until now we where rather reluctant to put new language features in.
We discussed _very_ long about "Repeat" for example.

Our current opinion is, that a test should not contain any logic.
Otherwise I would have to test the test (endless recursion...).

Is there an _actual_ test that cannot be done without that feature?
If there is so much logic, why not writing the test in httpunit
directly? Is the test still easy enough to read for customers?
JUnit TestReport Style

very good!

I especially like, that it comes with the example xml, xsl and html.

thanx and cheers

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> Hello,
> I've started using Canoo WebTest and I am very happy with it!  Keep up the
> good work!
> I've found that I need some conditional control such as:
>     if ( page contains pattern ) {
>         click button 1
>     } else {
>         click button 2
>     }
> Toward this end I've implemented a few additional steps (included
> in the zip
> file)
> <if>  ...  implements if / then / else logic
> <then> ... used by <if>
> <else> ... used by <if>
> <anyof> ... logical "or" condition ... useful for the first child of <if>
> <allof> ... logical "and" condition ... useful for the first child of <if>
> Obviously I had to modify TestStepSequence.java (all the other files are
> new).  The new
> code is at the end of the file.  I've updated syntax.htm (also included in
> the zip).  Sorry I
> didn't fill in all the examples.
> Another item: I use JUnit a lot and format the reports with <junitreport>.
> Toward that
> end I've developed some stylesheets for integrating Canoo WebTest results
> with JUnit
> results.
> transformCanooToJunit.xsl - convert the test summaries to a form usable by
> <junitreport>
> junit-frames.xsl - modification of the junit-frames.xsl that is
> contained by
> Ant's optional.jar
>                          to handle Canoo WebTest specific information
> To show how this works, I've included installTest2.xml and canoo.dtd which
> are modified
> version of installTest.xml and WebTest.dtd.  Simply execute 'ant
> -buildfile
> installTest2.xml'
> and then look at report/index.html
> I hope you find these additions useful and will consider including them in
> your next release.
> Thanks,
> Stephen
>  <<canoo update.zip>>