[Webtest] intallation help!

Dierk König Dierk.Koenig@canoo.com
Wed, 13 Mar 2002 13:57:09 +0100

Hi David,

For integrating webtest with CruiseControl, the steps are really easy.
If fact, there are no steps :-)

Webtest xml file ARE ant xml files, and CruiseControl does nothing
else than executing ant xml files.

So integrating webtest into your CruiseControl means to just add it to
the build that is triggered by the CruiseControl, e.g. with the "ant"

<ant antfile="mywebtest.xml"/>


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> however what I am interested in is to run a continuous
> integration framework
> with unit and functional tests preventing failing builds to reach the
> integration environment. so, being more specific, my issue is integrating
> webtest with cruisecontrol, like you are doing for the
> development of webtest
> itself ... any hints?