[Webtest] HTTPUnit changed ...

C Roskelley candlroskelley@yahoo.com
Tue, 19 Mar 2002 07:10:12 -0800 (PST)

I was having a problem w/ a bug in HTTPUnit and found
that they fixed it, so naturally I downloaded their
latest release and replaced the old jar, then a few of
my WebTests broke.  Of course I suspected HTTPUnit had
changed something else and found that they enforce,
more strictly, parameter validation on hidden input
fields.  There is an option in HTTPOptions that
can be used to turn this on or off.

Since I'm in an XML file I can't change the
HTTPOptions without something in webtest being
modified to accept the XML.  I figured out that I
would have to change TestConfigure.java.  Do I simply
make the suggestion? or do I actually implement that
change? (Done on my machine.)  I'm rather new at the
"community" contributed development.  Are there any
pointers?  Also, maybe someone has already found and
fixed this problem, although the latest build info has
no indication of this.

Please advise.

Chris Roskelley

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