[Webtest] Dynamic field naming

Carsten Seibert seibert@acm.org
Wed, 20 Mar 2002 14:34:16 +0100

Hi Ben,

we are thinking about such a feature as well. Our "business case" shows a
system-generated  transaction id somewhere on a page. It must be verified
that the same id appears later in a summary.

A solution could be an extension to the existing verifyXXX statement like:

		text="Transaction ID: .* <BR/>"
		storevalue="transactionID" />

Using the previously stored value would look like using the counter variable
in a repeat statement:

		text="Transaction ID: #{transactionID}" />

The storevalue attribute is only valid if a regular expression is used.
Another option would be a new statement that is explicitly used to extract
text using a regular expression:

		expression="Transaction ID: .* <BR/>"
		storevalue="transactionID" />

Any opinions on these two variants?

Regarding interfacing with a SQL database and obtaining properties values
for tests from there, one could use the ant sql task to execute a statement

	<property name="propertyFilename" value="Reports/dbValue.properties"/>

	<target name="createPropertyFile">
				<pathelement location="c:/jdk1.2.2/jre/lib/ext/classes12.zip"/>

	<target name="checkProperty" depends="createPropertyFile">
		<property file="${propertyFilename}" />
		<echo message="My property created from db is: ${dbValue}" />

The external SQL statement in prepareDB/prepProperty.sql looks like:

	select 'dbValue=' || count(*) from partner;

The property file resulting as output from the above SQL tasks looks like:


and can be loaded and used in the ant tasks as demonstrated above.

As to the FFO sample in the distribution: It seems that the "missing"
properties are loaded in an "outer" context, i.e. from an ant task that
invokes the scripts in question. We'll have a look into this in order to
make the samples consistent.


Carsten Seibert
seiberTEC GmbH Switzerland

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> Subject: [Webtest] Dynamic field naming
>    I am trying to use webtest, and, while I think it's great, I am
> finding a little difficult to use in practice.  One thing that would
> really help is the ability to use the text that matches a
> regex in one
> of the verifyXXX tags later in the build file somehow, so that, for
> example, the names of form fields and the values they hold could be
> detemined dynamically in the later invocations of setXXX tags.
>    In particular, I am trying to write tests (better late than never)
> for a webapp that uses object ids in many of its form fields,
> and those
> ids are determined by an autoincrement in MySQL.  It seems that MySQL
> won't roll back to using id number 1 after deleting all of
> the entries
> if I am using the same JVM and connection pool to insert the new one
> (which the webapp is unless I take it down), so the numbers in the
> names/values of form fields that I need to click end up different in
> subsequent runs of the tests.  Though the webapp will frequently be
> taken down between test runs once the tests are written, this is
> particularly unwieldy while trying to debug the tests
> themselves, rather
> than the code they're testing, because the webapp doesn't
> have to come
> down in between each run and change of the test.
>    This brings me to a question about the "ffo" sample in the WebTest
> CVS distribution.  It seems that most of the invocations of
> <clickbutton>, <setinputfield>, etc.  use properties in their value
> attributes that often look something like ${z00__wb} or
> ${draft_contract}.  I can't find anywhere that these are
> initialized in
> the sample buildfiles or props files, so I was wondering how
> and where
> these properties are being set?  Is there another framework or tool
> (perhaps buillding on ant?) that this sample project uses?
> This _looks_
> like it addresses the problem I'm facing, but I really can't
> tell what
> it's doing!
>    If anyone has some idea of what's going on in there, or a good
> implementation of this concept, would you be so kind as to
> shed a little
> light over here?
>    Thanks in advance,
>       Ben
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