FW: [Webtest] HTTPUnit changed ...

Dierk Konig Dierk.Koenig@canoo.com
Wed, 20 Mar 2002 21:15:25 +0100

Hi Chris,

thanks for the contribution.

> Since I'm in an XML file I can't change the
> HTTPOptions without something in webtest being
> modified to accept the XML.  I figured out that I
> would have to change TestConfigure.java.  Do I simply
> make the suggestion? or do I actually implement that
> change? (Done on my machine.)  I'm rather new at the
> "community" contributed development.  Are there any
> pointers?  

The "normal" case would be to connect to the cvs,
implement the tests that call for the change (unit and
WebTests), implement the change, do the build
locally (including the tests), commit to the cvs, and
wait for the automatic mail that is sent to you
by the CruiseControl indicating success or failure.

However, you can do the cvs commit only, after registering as
a contributor. How to do this? - send me a mail.

For your specific change requires an upgrade of the
required libraries, I would prefer that you do all the
above unless the cvs commit (you don't need to register then)
and just send you contribution to this list, including
the tests.

> Also, maybe someone has already found and
> fixed this problem, although the latest build info has
> no indication of this.

Your issue is new and not handled, yet.

Thanks for posting