[Webtest] HTTPUnit changed ...

Dierk König Dierk.Koenig@canoo.com
Thu, 21 Mar 2002 14:04:50 +0100

Hi Chris,
>  In
> other words HTTPUnit had the ability to set the option on/off, but really
> didn't enforce any rules.  Now they have a rule that says if parameter
> validation is on don't allow <input type=hidden value='' /> to be changed.
> In short the change I propose will NOT require the update of the required
> libraries.

OK, I think I got it :-)

> If I get time tomorrow I'll look at writting the tests.  I admit
> that on my
> copy of webtest code I did NOT write a test, because I could see how it
> could possibly fail.  Its a getter / setter of a boolean value.
> Anyway I'll
> take a look and see if it could possibly fail and send it.

Good point.
If there is no way to fail, a unit test makes no sense.

A typical failure is a misinterpretation of how ANT calls its tasks.
Therefore a nice test is to call your object like you assume ANT does.
This typically involves reflection.

What we always do is to enhance the selftest.xml with an example on how
to use any new feature (your attribute in this case).
If fact, we like to do this first and work until it runs :-)

Additional consideration is given to keep the documentation up to date
(you need the cvs version for this, or you can just send it), and how
the new feature is reflected in the reporting.
[BTW: That could be tested with a webtest :-) ]


> PS.  You and the Canoo Webtest team have done a great job!
PS. Thanks, the team consists of two programmers that use up their spare
time for this :-)