[Webtest] GUI, TestPlan and else

Dierk König webtest@lists.canoo.com
Thu, 28 Mar 2002 13:49:34 +0100


I'm glad to hear about the planned enhancements concerning GUI etc.

For those who work on this, it would like to tell the (shortened)
history of our thoughts on this topic.

- Hey, we need a GUI, or nobody will ever use WebTest.
- Well, I myself never use a gui for writing things like that (Dierk).
- Neither do I (Carsten).
- Pilot Users? : Well forget GUI, but give us code highlighting, code
completion for
  the keywords and a testing "storyboard".
- Code highlighting and completion is for free with any decent XML editor
and a good
  [The DTD is to be improved, I agree. Who calls up for this task?]
- "Storybord", hm. Sounds like TestPlan to me.
  Would be great to have.
- How about an extra tool for this?
- Well, we already have the xml description. We could use XSLT to transform
  it to an overview.
- Oops, we would need to rebuild some of the ANT- and WebTest logic in XSL,
- Hey, we already _have_ this feature! The reporting! You can see the
  the html report as the "storybord" or TestPlan. It is an expanded view
  with all variables substituted, easy to read and navigate. (While the xml
  is compressed to avoid duplication)