[Webtest] Starting up

Carlton Nettleton webtest@lists.canoo.com
Tue, 8 Oct 2002 16:17:04 -0700

I successfully installed webTest and just scratching the surface on how to
use it to test my ASP web applications.  So far I am pretty impressed, but I
am having difficulty in understanding are three things.

One, just how do people use this application?  I understand the basics, but
I am really interested in seeing a test XML file, if someone has one to
share.  Or perhaps one could be added to the documentation on the webTest
site since a "real" example is missing.  All I could find in the
documentation were snippets, but maybe I am missing something.

Two, is there a way to make reports with webTest?  I see lots of things
talking about reports in the documentation, but it is unclear how to make a
report or even if you can.  My XML/XSL is real rusty, so I imagine that is
adding to my confusion.

Three, I have never used ANT (or Java for that matter) before.  ANT is a
nice tool, but what is the ANT property referenced in troubleshooting
section about keeping your tests clean?  I understand how to use the XML
"includes", but this ANT property thing is confusing me.  How do they help
keep your tests clean.  Again, the documentation in webTest and the ANT site
just glosses over these ideas.  Any help out there?

Carlton Nettleton