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See my comments inline.

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      > WebUnit is fine if you're only going to test on a=20
      > Microsoft platform.  Quote
      > from WebUnit docs: "You must have The Microsoft JavaVM.=20
      >  If you wish to
      > build webunit you will need to install the Microsoft=20
      > Java Development Kit."
Yes, the current state of WebUnit requires a lot of MS stuff.
However, the architecture enables adapters to be written for any other
(and would thus not require any MS stuff).
The maintainer told me yesterday that he will start soon on support for
Netscape on Linux.

      > I personally prefer HttpUnit as it is not tied to any=20
      > specific browser or
      > platform.  You can even instantiate your own JavaScript=20
      > engine. =20
      > However, it would be nice if Webtest would include=20
      > JavaScript support.  I've
      > used Webtest successfully to automate all my web=20
      > testing, except for the
      > pages that use JavaScript.  It's really a great tool=20
      > for our test team since
      > most of the testers here can't use Java to write their=20
      > scripts. =20
When I get the time, I'm going to create a version of
Canoo WebTest that talks to WebUnit (instead of HttpUnit).

      > I've spent lots of time evaluating HTMLUnit and HttpUnit.  Both=20
      > tools have some
      > JavaScript support, although not entirely documented or=20
      > fully stable.  So I
      > decided to wait until the stable releases come out,=20
Keep in mind that the HttpUnit maintainer has stated that he=20
will not support any browser specific JavaScript.

      > especially since some of
      > the source code is subject to change without notice.  I=20
      > am also eagerly
      > awaiting to see what the good people at Canoo decide to=20
      > do about JavaScript.
The way Canoo WebTest is architected, it does not seem like=20
an appropriate place to add much JavaScript support.
IMHO, the bulk of the JavaScript support belongs=20
in the http engine, which is currently HttpUnit.
Canoo folks, what's your opinion?
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