[Webtest] Problem with input element of type="image"

Dierk Koenig webtest@lists.canoo.com
Tue, 15 Oct 2002 15:01:32 +0200


your code should work like provided.

Canoo WebTest fills the name.x and name.y values with 0.

The Report of the automated tests that Canoo WebTest uses
to test itself show this.
- go to http://webtest.canoo.com/selftest/TestResultOverview.html#testspec13
  This is the result page of the tests of the latest build.
  You will find some clickbutton steps for ImageButtons.
- select one of the "Resulting page" links with the green background
  (e.g. http://webtest.canoo.com/selftest/lastResponse1032513277993.html)
  to see the page that was returned. You will find the .x and .y values
  listed at the bottom.

You can use this as an example of the clickbutton with image buttons.
Try to find out where your code differs from the example.

Please tell us about your findings.

cheers Mittie

P.S. just as an idea: are you sure that the right form was submitted?

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> Hi all,
> Having following HTML code in my JSP,
> 	<input type="image" name="btn_open" src="/images/btn_open.gif"
> border="0" alt="open">
> I can submit my form with the following webtest element:
> 	<clickbutton stepid="Click 'Open forecast'"  name="btn_open" />
> When the form get submitted, the two parameters 'btn_open.x' and
> 'btn_open.y' should be
> available on the request, but they are not.
> Am'I missing something?
> Thanks
> Robert
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