[Webtest] Using setcheckbox

Richard Burgess webtest@lists.canoo.com
Mon, 25 Nov 2002 19:11:04 +0000

I'm trying to use the setcheckbox functionality of canoo webtest (build
number 234).  It seems that:

1. One cannot use a dynamic property for the value.

	For example: I have a web app which dynamically generates ID's for
	elements of the system.  I can select several of these using
	checkboxes within a table.  I know the checkbox (with its assocated
	ID) is in the td cell immediately following the td cell containing
	the element name.  I can use a (rather ugly) regexp to get the ID
	from the checkbox HTML, but I can't then use this dynamic property
	to set the checkbox to 'checked'.

2. One cannot set additional checkboxes if some are already set.

	For example: Some elements are already selected when I arrive on the
	page with the form, and I want to select additional elements.  Every
	time I submit the form, only the values I explicitly set on that
	visit to the form are remembered.

3. One cannot explicitly uncheck previously selected boxes.

	For example: Same as above, but I want to deselect checkboxes.
	Using 'setcheckbox' with value="xxx" checked="false" deselects

Are these real problems, or am I missing something obvious?  Have any of
these been fixed in more recent builds (I looked and couldn't find any
suggestion they have been)?

Richard Burgess


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