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Carsten Seibert webtest@lists.canoo.com
Tue, 26 Nov 2002 10:56:32 +0100

Hi Richard,

1) You're right, this is currently not support. I'll add it asap, maybe
already today, if I can find the time.
2) + 3) I was not able to reproduce the behavior that you've described. I've
created a functional test in selfTestImpl.xml in order to try and reproduce
your problem, but it worked fine for me. Maybe you could have a look at it
and check if it covers your scenarios properly. Please try the latest build
and check if your problem still appears. If so, post the HTML page plus your
test code to the list and I will have an even closer look at it, especially
at your particular test scenario.


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> I'm trying to use the setcheckbox functionality of canoo
> webtest (build
> number 234).  It seems that:
> 1. One cannot use a dynamic property for the value.
> 	For example: I have a web app which dynamically
> generates ID's for
> 	elements of the system.  I can select several of these using
> 	checkboxes within a table.  I know the checkbox (with
> its assocated
> 	ID) is in the td cell immediately following the td cell
> containing
> 	the element name.  I can use a (rather ugly) regexp to
> get the ID
> 	from the checkbox HTML, but I can't then use this
> dynamic property
> 	to set the checkbox to 'checked'.
> 2. One cannot set additional checkboxes if some are already set.
> 	For example: Some elements are already selected when I
> arrive on the
> 	page with the form, and I want to select additional
> elements.  Every
> 	time I submit the form, only the values I explicitly set on that
> 	visit to the form are remembered.
> 3. One cannot explicitly uncheck previously selected boxes.
> 	For example: Same as above, but I want to deselect checkboxes.
> 	Using 'setcheckbox' with value="xxx" checked="false" deselects
> 	everything.
> Are these real problems, or am I missing something obvious?
> Have any of
> these been fixed in more recent builds (I looked and couldn't find any
> suggestion they have been)?
> thanks,
> Richard Burgess
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