[Webtest] session duration

Willie Vu webtest@lists.canoo.com
Wed, 16 Apr 2003 00:35:56 +0800

I've a scenario like this:

1. <invoke> to go to a secured page (e.g. /some-context/secure/index.jsp)
that is protected by a servlet filter.
2. the filter redirects the request to a login page that resides in another
context path (say, /authentication/login.jsp)
3. <setinputfield> to set username and password.  Then, <clickbutton> to
submit the login request.
4. <invoke> to go the same secured page again
5. <verifytitle> to check title of the secured page.

The problem is, the <verifytitle> failed because <invoke> redirects the
request back to the login jsp.  It looks like the login is never done.

My question is, is a session being maintained throughout a testSpec?  Or is
a new session created for every <invoke>?


Willie Vu