[Webtest] XPath functions

Healey, Thomas webtest@lists.canoo.com
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I,as well as others,have asked this question (about how to submit
changes) a couple of times. Do we just send it as an attachment or some
other way? There have been a number of threads asking this question. I
wonder if a note on the web site would be helpful?

Tom Healey
Darden Information Systems

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You're welcome to send the code/ unit test/ functional test and the
documentation update.


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> Hi,
> following expression is currently not supported:
>     <storexpath stepid=3D"Counts the number of items" =

> property=3D"nbItems"/> because the StoreXPath class expects to get a=20
> Node as result.
> I've performed the necessary changes on my computer to allow such=20
> expressions (impacts StoreXPath.java and StoreXPathTest.java), but as=20
> I can't access to the CVS, I can't generate any patch.
> Does someone at Canoo take patches into account?
> Marc.
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