[Webtest] thoughts from the integrator

Siegfried Göschl webtest@lists.canoo.com
Thu, 22 May 2003 13:05:14 +0200

Hi Mittie,

as far as I understand the discussion

+) Will Canoo Engineering work on the codebase if it is moved to SF 
or maintain a "private" CVS repo. As far as I understand it you also 
make some revenue with Canoo WebTest Consulting. And changes to Canoo 
WebTest which are not backward compatible might be conflicting with 
your valid business interests.

+) If the project is hosted on SF who will fill the admin roles apart 
from you. A SF project without committed admin might be doomed

Thanks in advance


On 22 May 2003 at 12:05, Dierk Koenig wrote:

> Hiall,
> being the main integrator of Canoo WebTest I followed the latest
> discussions with different feelings.
> - I feel sorry about not being able to do a lot of integration work
> these days.
>   My current workload does not allow putting more effort into this.
> Situation is
>   not likely to change until August.
> - I very much appreciate all the contributions to this list, be it
> help, patches or new
>   features. I recognize that the quality of contributions has improved
>   much.
> I understand
>   the contributor's want to find their contributions in the codebase -
>   you
> deserve it.
> - With some-thousand installations out there I feel responsible for a)
> keeping the
>   quality level and b) being backward compatible as much as possible.
>   I am willing to share this responsibility.
> - I like to see this emerging community of Canoo WebTest users that is
> willing and
>   able to share their additions and adaptions. Sharing those e.g. via
>   SourceForge seems to be a good idea.
> cheers
> Mittie
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