[Webtest] thoughts from the integrator

Dirk Olmes webtest@lists.canoo.com
Thu, 22 May 2003 13:15:31 +0200

Siegfried G=F6schl wrote:
> Hi Mittie,
> as far as I understand the discussion
> +) Will Canoo Engineering work on the codebase if it is moved to SF=20
> or maintain a "private" CVS repo. As far as I understand it you also=20
> make some revenue with Canoo WebTest Consulting. And changes to Canoo=20
> WebTest which are not backward compatible might be conflicting with=20
> your valid business interests.
> +) If the project is hosted on SF who will fill the admin roles apart=20
> from you. A SF project without committed admin might be doomed


As far as I'm concerned my only interest is having bugfixes/new features =

integrated into the WebTest distro in a timely manner so everyone can=20
benefit from them.

The whole SF thing only turned up because people were unhappy that=20
patches sent to the list weren't even acknowledged by the maintainers.=20
If integrations will happen more verbose/quickly in future, everybody=20
will just be happy.

Sidenote: a bugtracking tool would help formalize the process, though ...=

Just my personal 0.01 EUR,