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Healey, Thomas webtest@lists.canoo.com
Thu, 22 May 2003 14:16:42 -0400

No. It would not be a ripoff of WebTest but a fork. These things happen
within the OS community. I would also want Canoo's consent in performing
this task. I started thinking about the branch because the Canoo _is_
too busy to give the time necessary to support an OS product. I think
the developer team has done a great job in getting the product this far,
but in order to expand the developer base to support the growing user
base, I felt I should get the ball rolling and try to get a project on
SF. This would relieve Canoo of the administrative support requirements
(bug tracking,build and bug fix support). I imagine since they have the
greatest amount of expertise they would still be on the core group of
committers but we would be able to enlarge that base.=20
The tasks I see in the near future:
1) Get Canoo to approve the project before we release a build.
2) Send a mail to this list providing people an opportunity to join the
3) Ask the group what the minimum requirements for patches are.=20
3) Request and receive the patches people want to submit to the project
3) Collecting and building and testing all the  patches. =20

The project has been approved: The url is:

Tom Healey

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Healey, Thomas wrote:
> I am trying to register a project called openwebtest on Sourceforge as
> we speak. I am waiting for their OK. I know we can't call it webtest=20
> or use canoo in the name. This would probably indicate that I would be

> interested in helping on this project.

What do you intend the project to be? A ripoff of the WebTest sources?=20
Or (better) a collection of patches against WebTest?

I don't know whether it's a good idea to split off of WebTest. Isn't=20
there any chance to get the patches that are flying around integrated=20
into the main source trunk somehow?