[Webtest] storexpath problem

Torben Tretau webtest@lists.canoo.com
24 May 2003 13:56:35 +0200


> Look like xpath isn't seting the property ?
>       <echo message="${output}"/>
>    </target>
> </project>

I have never used that tasks and so I got no deep knowledge from them,
but as i understand them they are just dynamic properties that can be
used inside of webtest-steps (with #{output}).

> =============================================
> Also, <followframe> doesn't seems to support "stepid" when every other 
> element all support stepid.

You got that problem only for followframe? I think right now the dynamic
property does not work for all steps with stepid.. As i tested this
after your mail..
In a minute i commit something so that a dynamic property for stepid
works now for all steps..