[Webtest] WebTest CC Build Rel.278 Successful

Marc Guillemot webtest@lists.canoo.com
Sat, 24 May 2003 15:00:04 +0200


> I just finished to integrate two bug-fixes:
> ...
> 2.) Solved the nested frames problem. Looking at the tests in HTTPUnit I
> found how to use those features from HTTPUnit for nested frames.
> It's now possible to follow a frame "bar" which is inside of frame "foo"
> with using the frame-name "foo:bar".
> Bug found by Marc Guillemot. (I think it is really a feature and now
> Webtest works as HTTPUnit with nested frames..)

For me is the problem not solved (I guess that I've been misunderstood):
you've added the possibility to perform 2 things in one in the case where:

-- file1.html --
  <frame src="file2.html" name="foo">
  <frame src="dummy.html" name="blub">

-- file2.html --
  <frame src="dummy.html" name="bar">
  <frame src="dummy.html" name="bla">

it's now possible to have a test like
    <invoke stepid="get first Page" url="..."/>
    <followframe name="foo:bar"/>

I think this doesn't make sense. Why would we make to steps in one? It would
be the same as a <clicklink href="page1.html:page2.html"/> which would click
on the link to page1.html and in the resulting page click on the link to

What I want to have and that's what the patch I've sent can do is:
    <invoke stepid="get first Page" url="..."/>
    <followframe name="foo"/>
    <followframe name="bar"/>
that is just one thing at a time.