[Webtest] WebTest CC Build Rel.278 Successful

Torben Tretau webtest@lists.canoo.com
26 May 2003 13:33:48 +0200


> if the test fails with:
>   <followframe name="foo:bar"/>
> you get less information as with
>     <followframe name="foo"/>
>     <followframe name="bar"/>
> where you can immediately see if it is the first or the second frame that is
> lacking.

If the followframe step fails it means that there is no frame with the
supplied name. And you receive a list of available frames, like in your
patch. The lack of information is very minimal to me.. 
> Furthermore in a real test sequence, one will probably not have the 2
> followframe just one after the other but something like
>     <followframe name="foo"/>
>     <verify....>
>     <followframe name="bar"/>
> with some verifications on the first retrieved frame.

Right now you would do 
    <followframe name="foo"/>
    <followframe name="foo:bar"/>
which is the same to me, except of the naming..