[Webtest] Upgrading webtest build265 to build307

Raible, Matt webtest@lists.canoo.com
Thu, 10 Jul 2003 15:51:23 -0600

I changed by taskdef to be:

        <taskdef file="${webtest.dir}/webtestTaskdefs.properties"

And now I get the following error:

file:c:/Source/cct/build.xml:33: taskdef class
com.canoo.webtest.steps.request.ClickButton cannot be

Is there any "upgrade" docs for 200 level build to 300?



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I'm guessing the rest of the error message was something to the effect of
"must have type Task, actual type UnknownElement"?

You need to change the taskdef. The example on the website has been updated.
You need the file webtestTaskdefs.properties which should be included in the
build. It wasn't in 284, which was the latest packaged build I downloaded,
but I think it has been added since then.

Every step needs to be defined as a separate ant task now. This was done so
you can extend webtest by writing a new task that implements the appropriate
interfaces from webtest (descended from the ones in ant) and registering it
ant, rather than rebuilding webtest. This means the containers like <steps>
and <not>
are now TaskContainer rather than simple elments, so the error messages

With this change, it might be possible to split one test between targets, or
interleve other ant tasks with webtest steps. Both would probably
require some tweaks to the code, though.

I would like to split out reusable chunks of test steps into ant targets.
entity references works, but parameter handling is awkward, and I can't use
<script> tasks to work with them. It would be really cool if the test suite
building could be as easy to extend as a junit test suite.

Hope I solved the right problem here.


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Subject: [Webtest] Upgrading webtest build265 to build307

While attempting to upgrade build 265 to build 307, I am getting the
following error:

file:c:/Source/cct/build.xml:651: Task not allowed here: config

Here is my task:

    <target name="login"
        description="Runs login test and verifies Main Menu's Title">
        <canoo name="tomcat-login">
        <loadfile property="web-tests.result"

What's changed?


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