[Webtest] RE: get message about putting xalan.jar in ant/lib when it is

Lynn Walton webtest@lists.canoo.com
Fri, 11 Jul 2003 10:47:18 -0500

> What error message is at issue here?

Here is the relevant part of the verbose ant messages.
I get BUILD SUCCESSFULL if I leave the  "unless=path.ok" part in  ApplyXSL.xml's
failedIfBadPath target.
But the summary html report isn't created.

I have the following in my ant lib directory

 Volume in drive C has no label.
 Volume Serial Number is 6C56-BF35

 Directory of C:\Lang\ant\lib

04/16/2003  07:22p             737,884 ant.jar
04/16/2003  07:22p             671,546 optional.jar
04/16/2003  07:24p                 667 README
06/30/2003  12:02p           2,907,319 xalan.jar
06/30/2003  12:02p             895,924 xercesImpl.jar
04/16/2003  07:24p             885,250 xercesImpl.jar.cameWithAnt
04/16/2003  07:24p             108,484 xml-apis.jar

I tried renaming the xercesImpl.jsar that came with ant and putting in the one that
came with canoo's build 307 too.

     [copy] Copying 1 file to C:\Lang\canoo\myProjects\c2k\reports
     [copy] Copying C:\Lang\canoo\myProjects\includes\report.css to C:\Lang\cano
Project base dir set to: C:\Lang\canoo\myProjects\c2k
      [ant] calling target applySingle in build file C:\Lang\canoo\myProjects\in
parsing buildfile C:\Lang\canoo\myProjects\includes\ApplyXSL.xml with URI = file
Project base dir set to: C:\Lang\canoo\myProjects\c2k
 [property] Loading C:\Lang\canoo\server.properties
 [property] Unable to find property file: C:\Lang\canoo\server.properties
Override ignored for property resultfile
Override ignored for property resultfile.html
Build sequence for target `applySingle' is [onPath, failIfBadPath, applySingle]
Complete build sequence is [onPath, failIfBadPath, applySingle, full, applyMulti

     [echo] true
Override ignored for property path.ok


file:C:/Lang/canoo/myProjects/includes/ApplyXSL.xml:28: Xalan missing on classpa
th. Put xalan.jar and xerces.jar to ant/lib.