[Webtest] RE: JSP pages don't finish rendering

Raible, Matt webtest@lists.canoo.com
Mon, 14 Jul 2003 13:26:43 -0600

This appears to be related to my Compression Filter issues
(http://lists.canoo.com/pipermail/webtest/2003q3/000951.html) I had last
week.  I swear it was working then, but not today - doh!

I've removed the filter for the time being and now my tests run again.  I
guess this is another one I can chalk up to HttpUnit?


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Subject: JSP pages don't finish rendering

I recently upgraded from webtest build265 to webtest307 and it doesn't seem
to be able to select options in a <select>.

Here's my step:

    <setselectfield stepid="Select roles in user roles list"
                    value="Field User" />
    <clickbutton label="Add New User" stepid="Click button 'Add New User'"/>

in webtestTaskDefs.properties:


The error I get is:

    Test step clickbutton named "Click button 'Add New User'" failed with
message "No such parameter in
    form: roles"

If I look at the lastResponse*.html, the page stops rendering before the
"roles" <select> is rendered.  However, if I execute the same steps through
a browser, everything works fine.  Any ideas or ways to debug?