[Webtest] Redirect and Verifytext

Christian Sell webtest@lists.canoo.com
Tue, 15 Jul 2003 17:43:35 +0200

As I understand the semantics of the "http-equiv=refresh" attribute, it 
is an instruction to the browser to request the given URL after a number 
of seconds.
In the context of WebTest, HttpUnit and WebTest together take the role 
of the browser - and I would be pretty amazed if they would honor this 
attribute at all.

emstephanson@aep.com wrote:
>>From my login page, the next page is a  redirect that transfers you on the
> main menu page.  This intermediate page flashes on the screen very quickly.
> I am attempting to do a "verifytext", but the page flies by so fast, the
> verifytext does not have time to execute.  It is verifying the text for the
> redirect page.  It is trying to verify text for the next page before it
> comes up. Consequently, I get an error on the main menu.  Any idea on how
> to code Canoo to so my verifytext  stays  in sync with the login, redirect
> and main menu page?  The redirect code is below.
> Thanks.
> <meta http-equiv=refresh  content="0; url='/ams/servlet/session.init'">
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