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You can save the pages to files, either by setting the save attrtibute
on the action, or setting saveresponse in the config. I don't know how
you would run the pages through an online validator. I would probably use
a script task (or some kind of foreach task, if you know of any) to make
antcalls with some property set to each of the filenames, calling a target
that used webtest to fill in that filename on the submit page and check
the results. If you have a commandline version of the validator, you could
probably run it with an exec task (and maybe a bit of shell script).

Another option would be to write a custom "validate" test step that would
extract the text of the current page from the WebResponse (check the
httpunit javadoc: method getText) and run the validation, if you don't like
extra targets, script tags, and passing the page text through files.

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We have an application that has a registration process
that creates dynamic pages with cookies.  We'd like to
be able to check the validity of the (x)html through
the W3C's validator.  We'd like to all have this as
one ant task.  

Is this a feasible project I could do using Canoo? 
I've never used Canoo and am looking into what it can
and can't do.  My biggest problem is getting the
actual html from a page in the registration process at
any one time.  

Please let me know if this is feasible with canoo, if
not, any other suggestions on "web-testing type
applications" would be greatly appreciated.


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