[Webtest] clickbutton doesnt work --- still

Allan Murphy webtest@lists.canoo.com
Thu, 17 Jul 2003 15:29:21 -0400

<html><div style='background-color:'><DIV></DIV>
<P>i tried changing the type from submit to&nbsp;button but still get the same error.</P>
<P>i used the &nbsp;&nbsp; &lt;input type="button" name="1" /&gt;&nbsp; format , but nones.</P>
<P>does anyone have a working (simple) example that i can run here just to check, that has the clickbutton feature working? please?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR></P>
<P><STRONG>Allan Murphy M.</STRONG><BR>Ing.Informatico<BR></P></DIV>
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