[Webtest] Paramaterized test sequences

Dierk Koenig webtest@lists.canoo.com
Fri, 18 Jul 2003 10:54:58 +0200

Hi Brandon,

I totally agree to your point, and I haven't found a good solution
either. Although we managed to structure out tests with external
entity and properties this approach is kind of cumbersome.

I thought of doing something like 

<steps id="login">
	<invoke .../>
	<verify... #{username}/>
</steps >

and use it like

<step refid="login">
	<param name="username" value="tim" />
	<param name="password" value="lutefisk" />
</step >

But I didn't take the time yet to dive deeper into that problem.


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> Subject: [Webtest] Paramaterized test sequences
> Is there any reasonable way to pull out a sequence
> of test steps that should depend on some parameters?
> For example, you might want to be able to say
> <procedure name="login">
> 	<param name="username" value="tim" />
> 	<param name="password" value="lutefisk" />
> </procedure>
> The only way I know of to name a sequence of test steps
> is with XML entities, but they don't take parameters.
> If you use ant properties you have to avoid name conflicts,
> because you can only set them once, and even then you need
> to wrap your targets with an antcall if you want to use the
> same sequence in two different tests with different
> parameters.
> I suppose the easiest thing to do is use dynamic parameters
> but I would like to avoid writing a custom step (to set the
> parameters), and I don't really like the idea of controlling
> behavior with what amount to global variables.
> If test steps could find their context across an antcall
> I would modularize my tests by pulling procedures out into
> targets that took arguments in ant properties. This would
> end the need to write a DTD, but it would require reworking
> the engine.
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