[Webtest] WebTest combineded with Cactus?

Siegfried Göschl webtest@lists.canoo.com
Fri, 18 Jul 2003 16:56:55 +0200

Hi Eric,

now we got a more beautiful JUNIT style approach for Maven B10 - 
check out


I could need some clarifcation - I thought Cactus is a Client/Server 
JUNIT and I can't see how to integrate those with ANT needed to 
execute the Canoo WebTest scripts?!

Having said that Dion Gillard currently works on Maven plugin for 
DBUnit - maybe this could help ....


Siegfried Goeschl

On 18 Jul 2003 at 7:46, EPugh@upstate.com wrote:

> Hi all,
> I want to throw out this idea and see what people think. 
> The Problem:
> I used to use WebTest extensively to test my sites, but the cost of
> maintaining the scripts, and running them by hand become to much work.
> I started using Cactus to test my business objects, and that worked
> well. I then started to test my webapps using Cactus to simulate a
> browser. This would work okay for one page, but if you wanted to test
> a couple of pages (a la WebTest) it became a maintence nightmare. What
> was great about WebTest was that the scripts are easy to run. What is
> hard is that they aren't integrated with the rest of my
> build->test->continous integration regime using junit and cactus. What
> I Want: Use Webtest from inside Cactus to test my webapps from a
> browser perspective. I noticed that Sigi's webtest plugin is able to
> format the webtest output in something that looks very close to a
> junit style report. It seems to me that similar to the way that Ant
> runs testcases that execercise various build.xml test files, I could
> have a CactusWebTestTestCase that would run in container the webtest
> scripts. The errors etc coming from WebTest could be treated as Junit
> style assert's and then be formatted using the standard cactus
> tools... Which means that when, in Maven, I click on cactus-reports,
> the results of my webtest scripts will be there! The other reason to
> use Cactus, instead of the maven webtest plugin is that using Cactus I
> can configure my environment before running the scripts to have
> everything I need. Preset the database, generate any files, etc.. And
> the script can just reference http://localhost... Opinions? Eric