[Webtest] Numberformat Exception when using property with table row

Dierk Koenig webtest@lists.canoo.com
Thu, 21 Aug 2003 16:27:26 +0200

Hi Saba,

the nested table locator does not support the use of dynamic properties.

I suggest to use verifyxpath instead. Example:

<repeat count="2" countername="row" >
 	<verifyxpath stepid="Check if MidWest is region in row #{row}"

West']" />

If I understand your test correctly, you try to assert that there is
no row in this table that has a region other than "MidWest".
My ususal way of dealing with this is trying to find a row that breaks
my condidion and putting this in a not step:

<not stepid="assert MidWest is region in all results">
     <verifyxpath stepid="region other than MidWest"

" />

This works regardless of how many rows you have.


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> row
> I'm using the following code to test if text 'MidWest' is present
> in all the
> rows of the table
> <repeat count="2" countername="row">
> 	<verifytext stepid="Check if MidWest is region in all results"
> 		text="MidWest">
> 		<table id="searchresults" row="#{row}" column="1"/>
> 	</verifytext>
> </repeat>
> It give me a java.lang.NumberFormatException:For input string: "#{row}".
> What am i doing wrong?
> - Saba
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