[Webtest] list of Canoo limitations

Aatish Arora webtest@lists.canoo.com
Sun, 24 Aug 2003 21:55:59 -0700 (PDT)


These are some which I know of:

1) Wroks directly on the dom layer instead of actually
opening up the browser. For some people who have
experience with other GUI automation tools might have
problem in migrating to something like canoo - as you
dont actually see the mouse clicks / navigation / etc
actually happening. 
But looking on the brighter side - this is also one of
the most imp advantages Canoo can offer. It actually
saves a lot of effort in the process and the tests run
faster. Any other GUI automation tool like Winrunner /
Silktest would take you an average of 2-3 mins per
test case. Canoo takes 30 seconds - in my case -
including the report generation.

2) No full Java script support. Right now only the
onclick method on a click button is supported. But
most of us keep posting some kind of patches in this
area. Post your problem and someone might have a
wrkaround / patch ;)

3) With most enterprise automation tools a GUI map /
frame / corresponding to property files in our case
are auto generated - u have to create one manually in
case of Canoo - if you want your tests to sustain the
collosul amount of development changes :)

4) No functionality for if - else loops. Again someone
really intelligent had posted a patch for this
too.Also if your good at Java you can write one too ;)

5) Complex actions on objects not present. Again you
can write some if your good with Java :)

--- "Thakkar, Hetal" <hetal.thakkar@citigroup.com>
> Can I find the list of limitations in Canoo
> somewhere?
> I have used Canoo and I have seen that there are
> some limitations, but I
> am planning to use Canoo for one of the applications
> that we are going
> to develop and I was hoping to find the limitations
> beforehand.
> Thanks,
> Hetal
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