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Mon, 25 Aug 2003 11:04:30 -0400

try using the character int the following qoutes: "=A0". It is not =
space. Hopefully, the email will not change the character. Ant outputs =
an error saying expected character is this while found this. This =
message in eclipse gives you this character.

Hope this helps.

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One of the input fields on the response contains a space ( )

How do I write the verify for this?
	<verifyinputfield stepid=3D"Ensure that the sitecode input box is set =
		value=3D" "/>

If I write
1. value=3D" "/>
	The verify fails saying Actual: &nbsp;
2. value=3D"&nbsp;"/>
	The build fails
3. value=3D"&amp;nbsp;"/>
	The verify fails saying Expected: &amp;nbsp;

What is the solution? Using XPath?

- Saba

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