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Check out the <ant> tag ;).
Theres an example called AllLanguagesTestSuite.xml on

Although in this case a test suite is mentioned - u
can also try it out for a test case. The idea is to
pass properties from outside - just like you would do
in a subroutine. ;)


--- "Thakkar, Hetal" <hetal.thakkar@citigroup.com>
> Hi,
> If I have several tests that are very similar, but
> differ just a little
> bit, then is there a way to extract the common
> things into a subroutine?
> For example, If I have two testcases, the testcases
> are navigating upto
> a page and verifying a table on thege. On one page
> the table's data
> starts at first column, while on the other data
> starts at line 2. The
> data is exactly the same, but the lines are
> displaced by 1 lets say. Is
> there a way to extract the table verification as a
> subroutine and pass
> it a parameter that specifies which line the table
> starts from or
> something similar to that?
> Thanks,
> Hetal
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