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The main consideration is how different will canoo-webtest be after say 3
months or 6 months from now if we download it today. 

By following the standard convention of major/minor releases, we have a
better idea. If the major version # changes after 3 months, we know that we
have to upgrade immediately. If the differences is just a few point releases
away, there may not be an immediate need to upgrade.

Siegfried actually sums it correctly.
1) Everyone uses a different build. 
2) Not knowing the difference between builds. Major/Minor versions tells us
the severity of changes between builds.

Hope this helps,

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Hi folks,

maybe we should ask the question the other way around?! What are the
disadvantages of the current release system?!

+) Everyone uses a different build of Canoo WebTest depending on the time of
the last download.

+) What has changed between two builds?!

+) What are the exact versions of the required JARs ... welcome the JAR hell
... :-)

I'm my humble opinion there is nothing wrong with the daily build but it is
not perfect either.


Siegfried Goeschl

PS: Did I tell you that Maven could be integrated into CruiseControl ... :-)

>MessageWe do not have such plans in the moment.
>What would be the added
>value for you?
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>  Thanks for the promt reply.Do you plan to have a
>release number sometime
>in the future ?
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>    Canoo WebTest only has a buildnumber as of
>now. Every build is a
>    cheers
>    Mittie
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>      Hi,
>      I am wondering if Canoo has any release
>number in addition to the
>build number. any ideas???
>      Thanks,
>      -Biru
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