[Webtest] Wrapping WebTest with FIT

Dierk Koenig webtest@lists.canoo.com
Fri, 12 Sep 2003 20:12:08 +0200

I have not yet taken the step, but I was actively thinking about it.
Actually Frank Westphal, one of the FIT pioneers, urged me to do so.

I do see the possible advantages but anyway there are some major
differences to bridge.

Test source follows implementation source in terms of source-control
support. Tests get versioned along with the source versions.

No Test source control (?). please correct me, if I'm wrong.

High integration into IDE in terms of writing tests with 
Syntax-Highlighting, Code-Completion, Starting Tests all from
inside your IDE.

Very poor editor. Starts externally.

perfect integration into continuous integration tools like cruisecontrol.

well, there is a command-line starter, but anyway: how could you 
stop the build if a testcase fails? how do you report that? how do
you assure consistency of source vs. test versions?


Currently I see the benefits of FIT in "the easiest way to collect
test data". Whereas WebTest is superior when it comes to test
logic. Why not use best of two worlds then? 
One could use FIT to assemble test data that get stored in e.g.
property files that feed WebTest.

What do you think?

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> Subject: [Webtest] Wrapping WebTest with FIT
> I am in the middle of a project to hook up WebTest to the FIT testing
> framework (http://fit.c2.com).  The project makes it possible to "drive"
> WebTest using FIT tables from an interface like FitNesse
> (http://www.fitnesse.org)
> My reason for doing this is that we have a lot of 
> testers/BAs/customers who
> are very comfortable writing WebTest tests.  But we are trying to move to
> using FitNesse as a consolidated repository for requirements, 
> planning, and
> acceptance testing.
> I am interested in knowing if anyone else has done/is doing anything
> similar.  I would like to compare notes, approaches, etc.  I have already
> been pointed to the jWebUnit project on sourceforge, which has a 
> FIT plugin.
> Thanks in advance.
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