[Webtest] Re: functional tests with canoo: javascript

Michael Parker webtest@lists.canoo.com
Fri, 19 Sep 2003 17:23:05 +0200

Hi Stefan,
thank you for the valuable answer/contribution ! We will check it out if we
can use a similar solution.

We already thought in simulating the javascript-triggerd submit by some kind
of work around (invoking with a complete url and all the nessesary
But I'm wondering if this is still a good approach for a functional test of
a webapp ?
One of the things I'd like to test is exactly the correct working of dynamic
dependencies between input fields or selectboxes which should work the same
as from a regular browser.


Stefan Ruff wrote:
> Hi Michael
> we also had the problem to submit forms without a button. We use a
> proprietary framework.
> HTML snippet:
> <a href="javascript:performsubmit(buttonId, param1, paramValue1,
> ....)">
> We can not use javascript (js.jar).
> Therefor we made a costum step to submit the form, and set the
> buttonId and the parameters.
> perhaps you can use our step 'performaction'.
> I posted source code and documentation of our custum step
> performaction a few days ago.
> Stefan