[Webtest] Do cookies work? Sometimes not.

Alan Grover webtest@lists.canoo.com
Wed, 24 Sep 2003 09:52:14 -0400

webtest/httpunit (both httpunit 1.5.3 and httpunit 1.5.4) does not send 
a cookie when I expected it to. The "domain" isn't interpreted the way 
I expect.

For a page at URL


httpunit saw the set-cookie header (I turned on logging):	


But didn't send the cookie on the next request (within the same 

Changing the domain to: .beta.techstreet.com works.

Oddly (to me), .techstreet.com does not work (nor 
.alpha.beta.techstreet.com). Browsers seem happy with most of these.

There is a note in the changelog for 1.5.4 about relaxing the cookie 
matching rules, and specifically allowing a leading "." in the domain. 
That didn't seem to make a difference in my case.

If I can do a little research, I'll submit a bug to httpunit.
Alan Grover