[Webtest] developer info

Marc Guillemot webtest@lists.canoo.com
Sat, 04 Oct 2003 11:12:55 +0200

Hi Mittie,

well done!
Such a mail is a great improvment: it permits to inform developpers and non 
developpers on the internal happenings in webtest and permits webtest 
developpers and users to discuss to find the best way to improve webtest.

and as I say, it permits to discuss...;-)

> - introduced log4j for a finer control of logging.
>   The usual way of getting information should not have changed, i.e.
>   the ant -verbose flag and the config verbose="true".
>   The new possiblities can be found in the lib/log4j.properties file.
>   The lib dir now needs to be on the classpath or you will get a log4j
> warning.
>   I intend to further advance on this.

I wanted to suggest incorporating it but I wasn't sure of the best choice 
between log4j and jakarta-common-logging. The later has the advantage to allow 
users to choose what they really wan't to use at the end: log4j, jdk1.4 logging 
facilities, or something else. In a project for a client I would rather propose 
log4j but for a library like webtest that is used by a large number of persons 
on different systems, I guess that jakarta-common-logging is more flexible.

Concerning your log4j usage, I've two minors improvment suggestions:
- use log4j.xml for the configuration: as xml file, it's nicer to handle
- use the syntax
	static Logger logger = Logger.getLogger(MyApp.class);
to get a logger rather than the "old" Category methods.
I can perform the changes if you want, but I wanted to discuss it before (I 
don't want to appear as destructor of your code).

> - We needed to patch the httpunit version 1.5.4 to overcome some
>   hiccups with https.
>   The patched class versions can be found in resources/httpunit-patches.
>   More patches are likely to come, e.g. a patch for the file:// protocol
>   handling.

ok for the "file:// protocol": I think it's for me.
But I don't understand how you want to let it work. I thought, you would have 
built the folder hierarchy com/meterware/httpunit to permit to compile it and I 
don't see where it get compiled. Can you explain how it works?