[Webtest] developer info

Dierk Konig webtest@lists.canoo.com
Sat, 4 Oct 2003 19:01:20 +0200

Hi Marc,

> well done!
> Such a mail is a great improvment: it permits to inform
> developpers and non
> developpers on the internal happenings in webtest and permits webtest
> developpers and users to discuss to find the best way to improve webtest.

thanx a lot for the appreciation.
Those are the things that keep me going :-)

> I wanted to suggest incorporating it but I wasn't sure of the best choice
> between log4j and jakarta-common-logging. The later has the
> advantage to allow
> users to choose what they really wan't to use at the end: log4j,
> jdk1.4 logging
> facilities, or something else. In a project for a client I would
> rather propose
> log4j but for a library like webtest that is used by a large
> number of persons
> on different systems, I guess that jakarta-common-logging is more
> flexible.

I agree. I wasn't aware of the difference.

> Concerning your log4j usage, I've two minors improvment suggestions:
> - use log4j.xml for the configuration: as xml file, it's nicer to handle

I agree. The properties file is fairly obscure.

> - use the syntax
> 	static Logger logger = Logger.getLogger(MyApp.class);
> to get a logger rather than the "old" Category methods.

I'm not sure about the difference. Is it just a convenience thing or
is there any changed semantic behind it?

> I can perform the changes if you want, but I wanted to discuss it
> before (I
> don't want to appear as destructor of your code).

Very thoughtful. Ok - go for it!
There are a lot of places where the logging could be more precise and
distinctive with respect to the Loglevel.

> > - We needed to patch the httpunit version 1.5.4 to overcome some
> >   hiccups with https.
> >   The patched class versions can be found in resources/httpunit-patches.
> >   More patches are likely to come, e.g. a patch for the file:// protocol
> >   handling.
> ok for the "file:// protocol": I think it's for me.


> But I don't understand how you want to let it work. I thought,
> you would have
> built the folder hierarchy com/meterware/httpunit to permit to
> compile it and I
> don't see where it get compiled. Can you explain how it works?

For the moment, I just put in the files for information purposes only
such that anyone who is interested in what the patches are can have
a look at it. You can move it to the subdirs.

I'm open to any proposal on how to proceed from here.