[Webtest] Reading values from an XML File

Matt Raible webtest@lists.canoo.com
Tue, 7 Oct 2003 16:45:05 -0600

Thanks Daniel - I got this to work, but how do I actually get each=20
Menu's attributes?

I'd like to loop through each menu and get it's name and page=20
attributes.  The following gives me nothing:

   <target name=3D"displayMenus">
     <xmlproperty file=3D"${basedir}/defaultroot/WEB-INF/menu-config.xml"
     <echo message=3D"$Menus.Menu(name)"/>

Prints out:

      [echo] $Menus.Menu(name)
      [echo] $Menus.Menu(path)

If I do ant -debug, I can see the properties are there - although=20
they're probably only good for the first menu found:

[xmlproperty] Menus.Menu(name):home
Setting project property: Menus.Menu(name) -> home
[xmlproperty] Menus.Menu(page):/
Setting project property: Menus.Menu(page) -> /=00

Actually, I'm sure they're only good for the first menu b/c I get the=20
following on the 2nd:

[xmlproperty] Menus.Menu(name):aboutOurTown
Override ignored for property Menus.Menu(name)=00



On Tuesday, October 7, 2003, at 07:13 AM, Daniel Potter wrote:

> I'm not a member of the WebTest mailing list so I can post a response=20=

> there.
> You should be able to gain access to the struts-menu url's by using=20
> the Ant
> XmlProperty task to pull in the url's as Ant properties that you can=20=

> then
> reference in your webtest steps.
> Daniel
>> I am using struts-menu (http://sf.net/projects/struts-menu) to drive=20=

>> many of
>> the URLs in my site.  Would it be possible for webtest to read from=20=

>> it's
>> config file (menu-config.xml) to get URLs for testing pages?  If not,=20=

>> can
>> anyone think of a way to make this happen?  Basically, I'm trying to=20=

>> get out
>> of writing 100+ tests for each individual page.
>> Thanks,
>> Matt
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