[Webtest] making webtest continue on step failure

Siegfried Göschl webtest@lists.canoo.com
Tue, 21 Oct 2003 18:44:38 +0200

Hi Mike,

I'm not an Canoo WebTest expert (actually hardly a user) but maybe my 
input might help you 

On 17 Oct 2003 at 18:08, Michael Knapp wrote:

> I don't write java, or else I'd figure this out myself, but does
> anyone have a way of making webtest *continue* testing remaining steps
> in a testSpec when one step fails?  If I read the documentation
> correctly, only successive testSpecs will be executed, not remaining
> steps in the current testSpec. The problem with  this is that it
> necessitates writing a multi-session test where one isn't otherwise 
> wanted.
> It seems to me that this should be configurable at each step with a
> depends attribute (if a step depends on a previous step, therefore
> making halting of that testSpec desirable) or a boolean haltOnFail
> attribute that would override a global property set in the config
> file.
> It seems to me that if i DID know java ;) i'd be able to make this
> change....   has anyone else done this?  would anyone else like to?

IMHO the implemented behaviour is correct otherwise you could/would 
be drown in follow-up errors. For a particular location within a 
given test case this might the wrong behaviour but in general it is 
the right thing.

> This is the tip of the iceberg for me in encountering lots of
> frustration getting WebTest to do long testSpecs, which is necessary
> for single-session testing.  Does anyone else share my pain?  If so,
> please let me know what you've done to resolve issues you've
> encountered.
> Some of my other issues:  can't use ANT steps within the '<steps>'
> element, like setting properties, or using echo.  Are there good
> reasons for this that i'm just not grokking?

Dierk Koenig told me that this is something he would like to 
integrate. Having said that you should setup your environment before 
running the test scripts and any <echo> should be a test step 
description anyway ... :-)

You can try to use verbose output from Canoo WebTest (somewhere in 
the config tag) and/or ANT (-verbose or for the diehards -debug)

> Any input appreciated.  This is still the best tool i've had the
> pleasure to use for the testing i need to do, and I'm sure with more
> experience i'll be able to make it do what i want; so far those
> techniques just aren't obvious to me.
> thanks
> mike
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Siegfried Goeschl