[Webtest] Out of Memory

Stefan Ruff webtest@lists.canoo.com
Wed, 22 Oct 2003 22:02:54 +0200

Hi Mike

we had the problem on a Win2000 system.

To things to do:

First, start the VM in which the ANT is running with the Ėserver option. 
You can do this with ANT_OPTS=-server. Some older versions of ant have a 
bug in the ant.bat file. Iím not sure if the 1.5.4 has this bug to. If 
the script is buggy ant wonít start. The you have to edit the ant.bat. 
There are two lines in which the v mist startet an the parameters are 
passed. %ANT_OPTS% must be the first parameter to the vm.

(see also the mailing list: date 09.10.2003)

Second: We have defined the webtest task in a separate file and included 
the &taskDefinition in each single test. We changed that. So now we only 
define the webtest task in the master build file. Since then we never 
again hade the out of memory exception.

I hope it helps you


LOPKE,MIKE (HP-Boise,ex1) wrote:

> Hi guys,
> There was a thread a few weeks back on this subject: a 
> java.lang.OutOfMemoryError is generated when there are a large number 
> of test scenarios all run using <ant antfile="scenario"/>.
> I'm encountering this on WinXP. Are there any known work arounds? I'm 
> using ant 1.5.4.
> Thanks,
> Mike