[Webtest] Webtest and jUnit

Siegfried Göschl webtest@lists.canoo.com
Thu, 23 Oct 2003 19:40:56 +0200

Hi Evan,

my short comment is "If you have a hammer everything looks like a 
nail" ... :-)

A longer answer is

+) AFAIK it is tied to ANT but you need some scripting anyway to 
setup a test environment, provide initialization, and so on. You can 
also wrap the ANT process into a JUNIT test.

+) At Together Teamlösungen we evaluates HTTPUnit and Canoo WebTest 
and Canoo WebTest won. Not because you have the flexibility to do 
anything you want but refactoring HTTPUnit test cases plus providing 
extensive reporting would reinvent the Canoo WebTest wheel. And I 
nearly forgot to mention that a lot of Canoo WebTests were already 
running and generating reports when the other guy was still pondering 
over the problems to solve with HTTPUnit ... :-)

+) If you do extensive testing you might have local JUNIT tests, 
remote JUNIT/CACTUS test to be run against a test server and webtest 
suite plus a lot of tweaking for test setup and automated deployment. 
Having said that these three categories of tests are usually run a 
different point in time generating more than one report anyway.

+) So you might be interested in consolidating these report since you 
thought along the line of using JUNIT to run Canoo WebTest. This 
requieres some ANT coding.

+) Here my answer get biased since I dropped ANT long ago and 
switched to MAVEN since MAVEN gives you a lot of tools you need for 
doing a "Clean Build and Smoke Test"

+) Therefore we migrated the bigger part of the ANT build to MAVEN 
and integrated the Canoo WebTest into the generated project 

Maybe I see a lot of MAVEN nails but my answer might help ...


Siegfried Goeschl

On 22 Oct 2003 at 18:01, Evan Hughes wrote:

> Howdy, 
>    I'm evaluating Webtest as a QA tool for Back-End (see
>    back-end.org).
> We have a number of php developers that are java neophytes, and they'd
> like to use it in place of HttpUnit, but I would like to use jUnit to
> gather and store test results. 
>    Does a jUnit wrapper for Webtest exist?
>    How tightly coupled is Webtest with Ant? Would writing a jUnit
> wrapper be a trivial task?
> thanks, 
> e
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