[Webtest] Re: making webtest continue on step failure

Lynn Walton webtest@lists.canoo.com
Thu, 23 Oct 2003 19:50:59 -0500

>On 17 Oct 2003 at 18:08, Michael Knapp wrote:
>>I don't write java, or else I'd figure this out myself, but does
>>anyone have a way of making webtest *continue* testing remaining steps
>>in a testSpec when one step fails?  If I read the documentation
>>correctly, only successive testSpecs will be executed, not remaining
>>steps in the current testSpec. The problem with  this is that it
>>necessitates writing a multi-session test where one isn't otherwise 
>>It seems to me that this should be configurable at each step with a
>>depends attribute (if a step depends on a previous step, therefore
>>making halting of that testSpec desirable) or a boolean haltOnFail
>>attribute that would override a global property set in the config
>>It seems to me that if i DID know java ;) i'd be able to make this
>>change....   has anyone else done this?  would anyone else like to?
I have expressed the same desire on this list too.  Although many of my 
uses of canoo do not require this,
I have one use where it would be particularly helpful.  So it would be 
nice if it were a property that could be set and if you want the same 
testSpect to keep going after a failure, you could have it.

I wrote the equivalent of an echo (although I called it <log>)  and if 
you want I could try to send it to you but it might not be until next 
week sometime since I'm traveling alot this week. Email me if you want 
me to send it.