[Webtest] Newbie needs help!

Wang, Lisong webtest@lists.canoo.com
Tue, 30 Dec 2003 16:09:00 -0500

My web application has a page that have a couple of reports links on it.
Via clicking each of the links, it actually launches a new window and sends
a report request to the server, and then the server will invoke a report
servlet to generate the report at run time, and sends the report back to the
new window in PDF as response.  Following is the context that may help to
see what I am asking for:

Part of html code for the page which has report links:
<li><a href="/des/reports/meas_list" target="_blank">Puzzle View

My Canoo testing scripts:
	stepid="go to printable report page"
	url="PrintableReports.do" />
	stepid="click on one report link"
	label="Puzzle View Measures"/>

When I run the testing script with ant, message shows like below:

Total time: 7 seconds

But at server side, the same script will cause an exception:

30 Dec 2003 15:17:47 FATAL reports.ReportGenerateThread - The class
"ca.gc.ccra_adrc.bsc.des.view.reports.ReportData" could not be instantiated
java.lang.IllegalStateException: Session was invalidated

Obviously the report generating operation has been failed at server side
(note: if I test it manually, it has no problem at server side).

Does anyone know why Canoo shows a successful message even there is a
What is the difference of request session between manually clicking on a
link than using Canoo "clicklink"?
If there is a report has been produced at server side, how could I verify
that it has been sent to the new window in PDF successfully with Canoo?


Lisong Wang

BSC Technology Solution