[Webtest] pdftests using invoke

etienne studer webtest@lists.canoo.com
Mon, 5 Apr 2004 14:24:23 +0200

Hi Lisa

Testing PDF documents works with invoke as well as with clicklink.
See example below using clicklink.

Best regards, Etienne

  stepid="Go to overview page"
  label="PDF Doku A"/>
<previousresponse stepid="Go back to overview page"/>
  label="PDF Doku B"/>

The new PDF support is really swell!  We're making good use of it.  Thank
you for providing this immensely useful functionality!

I have a question which I hope isn't too dumb.  Before the PDF support was
introduced, I just did a clicklink on the link to get the PDF, I couldn't
check it so I just used previousresponse to go back, but I could see the PDF
documents in the result folder.

So I was doing something like this:
	 <clicklink stepid="Click adoption agreement"
		label="Plan Adoption Agreement"/>

Now, I use the invoke to get the PDF doc via the URL, which works fine.  The
clicklink doesn't appear to bring up the correct PDF anymore.  If I have one
invoke in my test, the clicklink will just keep bringing up the same PDF
file as invoked via the URL, no matter what link it's clicking on.  If I
don't have any invoke for the PDF URL, I don't get errors but it doesn't
save the PDF docs at all, so I imagine it isn't even bringing them up.  In
fact, my server sends me the same sort of errors I would get if I clicked a
link in a real session and then hit the stop button on the PDF popup without
letting it finish rendering.

So the dumb part of this question is, by invoking the PDF via the URL, how
can I be sure that when a user clicks on the link on the page to get to the
URL, they will get the correct PDF document?  Is there any way to do this
via the clicklink instead of the invoke?

Many thanks,