[Webtest] Problem with opening a new window in canoo test

Roma Bhansali webtest@lists.canoo.com
Mon, 5 Apr 2004 11:41:12 -0700

I wanted to some help with opening a new window while writing canoo test. My
code looks like this

<a href="CustomizeView.do?study=1" onClick="javascript:
openCustomWin(this,'link')" ><img src="images/customize_view.gif" alt="Click
here to customize view" name="customize_view" width="119" height="18"
border="0" id="customize_view"></a>

In my canoo test I m doing the following:
	stepid="Click the customize view button"    
	label="Click here to customize view" />

This however opens the customization window but in the same window. In the
customization window, there is button that submits the form and closes the
window and refresh's the opener window. Now, since the customization window
opens within the same window, it closes the all the windows and the session
is over.

Is there a way I can open this customization window in a new window, so when
it closes it does what is required?

Appreciate help.


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